Improved quality of life

We are working together to improve motor skills, speech, and visual capacity for millions of people challenged by stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, and Lou Gehrig’s disease – pursuing breakthroughs that will enable people to control prosthetics for moving or communicating through thoughts alone.

Neuropsychiatric health

We are researching permanent and curative treatment approaches to PTSD, depression, and anxiety by leveraging the brain’s intrinsic plasticity mechanisms for natural self-repair. We are on the verge of a radical paradigm shift, an integrative approach to brain networks utilizing novel device technology for accelerated treatment of refractory neuropsychiatric illness.

Much to our surprise, our experiments demonstrated that learning to control a disembodied device is, for your brain, not much different from learning to ski or to swing a tennis racket.

Jose Carmena

UC Berkeley associate professor of Electrical Engineering and Neuroscience


In neural engineering, Berkeley’s world-renowned research extends from “bench to bedside” by moving beyond our labs to UC San Francisco, the nation’s leading medical facility for neuroscience. This collaboration creates a tremendous opportunity for new discoveries with life- changing results.

Our Mission

To create a multidisciplinary environment for:

  • training future neural engineers and clinicians
  • scientific research and neural prosthetic technology development
  • efficient translation of research into human clinical trials.