Sci-Fi drives discovery

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CNEP founding faculty member and gadget-builder-in-residence Michel Maharbiz is featured in the Berkeley Science Review.

“[…] If you think ahead 30, 40 years, I don’t really envision a world that looks like aluminum, steel, and plastic. The idea that we wouldn’t need to interface with biological stuff is nonsense. For medical reasons for sure, but even for engineering. I think stuff like this [points to wall] in 40 years will not be dead. There’s no reason it should be dead. It’ll be, I don’t want to say “grown,” because that’s a loaded word that comes from our own language, but it’ll be something that’s cell-derived. You will have to have interfaces. That’s why my group is so weird and diverse, because I almost don’t care within that space what I work on,” says Maharbiz.

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