Effects of Somatosensory Electrical Simulation On Motor Function and Cortical Oscillations

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Few patients recover full hand dexterity after an acquired brain injury such as stroke. Repetitive somatosensory electrical stimulation (SES) is a promising method to promote recovery of hand function. However, studies using SES have largely focused on gross motor function; it remains unclear if it can modulate distal hand functions such as finger individuation. The specific goal of this study was to monitor the effects of SES on individuation as well as on cortical oscillations measured using EEG, with the additional goal of identifying neurophysiological biomarkers.

>> Read the full article in theĀ Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation

By Adelyn P. Tu-Chan, Nikhilesh Natraj, Jason Godlove, Gary Abrams and Karunesh Ganguly.